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Jedinica i nula
Grada Vukovara 271
HR-10000 Zagreb
tel +385 1 6292929
fax +385 1 6292900

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We established Jedinica i nula back in 2011 to provide digital production, presence and advertising to the growing number of clients using experience from successfull digital marketing campaigns and projects. Team of 5 employees and 3 associates continually optimizes results for our clients:


Agrokor, Tisak, Dukat, Vina belje, Ledo, Kisko, Raiffeisen Bank, 24sata, Večernji list, Natural Wealth, Minikredit, Kotanyi, 402 Streetrace, Rujanfest, Aurelia, Goldenpoint, …


1i0 accepts technological challenges on all levels (online and multimedia solutions, internet apps, social apps, mobile apps,


intranet apps, media planing, media buying…) and sees its advantage in wide knowledge background of digital marketing environment and close relationship with clients.

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